Preparing To Juice Vegetables With A Juicer

green veggiesThere are some good principles to know when learning how to juice vegetables with a juicer. There is really more to it than just dumping a bunch of vegetables into a juicer, then just turning it on. It is important to discriminate with the combinations of vegetables that will be used during the juicing process.

If a person suffers from a sugar related problem or is pregnant a doctor should be consulted because some vegetables will release a great deal of natural sugar into the system. If a person has kidney stones, they will want to avoid such vegetables as beets, spinach, and collard greens as these vegetables have high oxalic acid content.

Preparing to juice vegetables with a juicer is a very healthy and beneficial way to gain some very good nutrition very quickly. It is not a substitute for eating vegetables, however. A person should continue to consume vegetables in their diet as well. The idea of juicing is that the nutrients will get into the system more quickly than having to digest them.

When juicing green vegetables to loose weight, it is wise to only use about one fourth of them in your juicing recipe, because they are much more powerful than vegetables of another color. Vegetables in this category are lettuce, cabbage, dandelion, spinach, mustard greens, collard greens and kale. They will have a much stronger taste too, so it is good to mitigate the taste with the other vegetables.

The green vegetables are so strong that it is good to mix them with celery, apple, carrot or cucumber juice. This will give more of a sweet taste mixed in with the green vegetables. Apple juice is a good counter taste to the green vegetables.

Mixing fruit and vegetables together is not a good idea because it takes different enzymes to digest fruits and a different enzyme to digest vegetables. The exception would be apple juice, as there does not seem to be a problem there.

It is not usually a good idea to juice raw beans as they may contain toxins that can only be taken out of the beans by soaking, and then cooking them. These would be navy beans, kidney beans and white beans.

Do not drink the vegetable juice like a glass of water. Drink it slowly. This will warm the juice to the temperature of the body. When you drink the juice, chew it so it will mix more thoroughly with the saliva, which will help the juice digest better, and more thoroughly be absorbed by the body.

Preparing to juice vegetables with a juicer is a wonderful way to add quick nutritional content to our diet and enjoy a fresh treat at the same time.